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Who we are

Magnaoverseas Consultants is an emerging student visa consultants that is out of the ordinary. We deliver expert services to our clients. At present, we function for all the countries in the world. Your profile is in a safe place where every minute detail is scrutinized and accordingly a set of options or the only option is put across.

We take pride in saying so as we have not been around like the big names flashing all over the city. We are one of the finest, trustworthy, reliant and efficient student visa consultants. We strive to provide the best services according to our clients’ goals to study in to their dream country.Here at Magnaoverseas Consultants, our team showcases expertise and deliver their due work in time with zeal. The professionalism is commendable (we recommend you come and take a look once for your satisfaction.) you would make the decision on going ahead with our services at Magnaoverseas. We assure reliable process and help to send you to your dream destination to chase your aspirations of going overseas for whatever reason.

Every human grows up having some dreams or the other in his /her life. While some plan out a chosen career, others lay out a career path. Some choose to settle down in their respective country where as others would like to explore options in another region, another country. That is exactly where consulting with us comes into the picture. All you have to do is have a talk with us and tell us what you plan to do.We understand your requirement for time and space. Think of your elderly parents who saw your through most of your lives, now it is your turn to care for them. Howzzat possible when your on the other part of the world ?!


Magnaoverseas Consultants has a Vision to deliver excellent client satisfaction by providing study Visa Services that will enable us to reach our goal – to be the leading choice among world wide clients. To achieve our goal we are backed by a team of Experts. We believe in going about business the ethical way, with dedication and commitment to achieve our client’s expectations, transparent process and most importantly – operating with superior standards of integrity.


Our organization is picking up at a rapid pace. Soon, the Magnaoverseas Consultants has a dream of stretching out to all regions of India – North, South, East & West simultaneously. By achieving your dreams of settling abroad, we will simultaneously fulfill our mission and deliver our visiion statement.

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